Limit on free SMS

While most mobile users in India would find the strict customer preference regulations by TRAI as a welcome move, there are certain clauses which are sure to attract criticism. One such is the limit imposed on Access Providers, on the number of free SMS they can offer a customer (or is it on the total number of SMS, irrespective of free or charged?).

Section 20(k) of this notification says that

no Access Provider shall provide to any person, other than a telemarketer registered as per regulation 14, any tariff plan or SMS package in any form such as special recharge voucher, student pack, seasonal pack etc. permitting sending of more than one hundred SMS per day per SIM

This is going to be a big boo-factor for sectors like college students, who use way higher amounts of SMS than that in the course of a day. Regulating such legitimate communication looks like a bit too much of regulation. TRAI definitely need to refine the current set of rules to look at certain provisions like these and arrive at more acceptable norms.

One more area of concern could be the way transactional and non-transactional are defined. Will talk about that on a separate post.