Transactional and Promotional

With the new NCPR rules coming into force, only transactional messages can be sent to subscribers. What makes it more likely to be enforced better is the fact that Access Providers are also liable to ensure this is followed. All other messages are classified as promotional and need to be scrubbed against the NCPR database to ensure the customer prefers to get messages of that sort.

One concern that has been raised by several marketers (and certain industry analysts) is the very strict definition TRAI currently has for transactional messages. Only the below 3 message types are currently considered transactional, everything else being classified as promotional.

  1. any message (other than promotional message) relating to a service or financial transaction under a specific contract between the parties to such contract; or
  2. any messages relating to charities, national campaigns or natural calamities transmitted on the directions of the Government or agencies authorized by it for the said purpose;
  3. any message transmitted, on the directions of the Government or any authority or agency authorized by it, in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality.

As evident, there is some room for concern. However, TRAI has implied in some of the statements later that this will be reviewed. In the interest of customers it’s indeed a good move to start with a strong filter and then loosen up (if required) as we gain experience.