Telemarketer Blacklist India – Appeal Process Introduced

As per the twelfth amendment, NCCP TRAI has made amendments to the maintenance of a black-list of all marketers who are habitual offenders. Any marketer found to make UCC six times in an year would be banned for at least the next two years, and this remains as per the original provisions. Each access provider is expected to maintain a list of such marketers and also share it with other access providers, again as per the original provisions dated 01 Dec 2010.

As per the current amendment, NCCP has reserved the right to hear appeals and review the decision of access providers, and if the marketer is found not guilty of violations NCCP can direct the access provider to restore connections and remove the marketer from blacklist. Considering Access Providers will not be too eager to disconnect a marketer without reasons, this provision to appeal looks like a bad move which can introduce red tapism and corruption by giving the NCCP the authority to override a black-listing decision.

For more details, read full text of the 12th Amendment