Telemarketer Penalties Reduced – NCCP is for Mobile Users or Marketers?

Looks like each amendment of the NCCP is being made to leave the agency less and less relevant. Latest amendment reduces penalties at each stage for the telemarketer (i.e. first offence, second offence, etc.). Many of the penalties are significantly reduced, and even the deposits that should be kept after each offence is reduced to half!

With the last amendment giving the agency a right to hear appeals and remove marketers from blacklist, this latest amendment really raises questions about the intents of the agency and about whose interest they are trying to protect. It appears the agency is worried solely about the Tele Marketers’ concerns and the millions of mobile users spammed every day isn’t really their concern.

Full text of the cryptic 14th amendment is available here. If you don’t read it with the original text, the above impact wouldn’t be evident.