Transactional SMS Charges @ 5 Paise

TRAI has come out with a guideline fixing transactional SMS charges at 5 paise for all messages other than governmental ones (wherein the charges would be zero). Transactional SMS charge here means the charge payable by an Originating Access Provider to the Terminating Access Provider for each transactional SMS sent by a registered telemarketer or transactional message sending entity from the network of the Originating Access Provider to the network of the Terminating Access Provider. As per TRAI, this is being done to deal with the imbalance among providers.

Therefore, the Authority has decided that similar to the Promotional SMS charge prescribed for promotional SMSs, 5 paise per SMS should be prescribed for transactional SMSs also. Provision has been made in the regulations to exempt government agencies from the transactional SMS charge.

Full amendment texthere: 11th Amendment